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Why do We Need a Reason?

on December 12, 2011

Why do we need a reason…?

Often it means nothing more than an inner treason

We are at war with ourselves trying to find the logic,

But if logic could describe everything try defining Magic!

Some things happen because of our Karma..

Others when we apply Life’s Dharma.

Many things & Relationships are based on a good reason,

Some exist because of our intellectual freedom..

But if we look deep down in our soul’s ocean,

Many things we see happen as stories of Genies & Love Potion!

We are often Perplexed & confused..

Sometimes the Brain appears totally amused

Lets not define our life n love only based on Reason or Logic

I think such a viewpoint isn’t wholesome & is somewhat tragic!

There is magic in the Rain drops when the wind flies,

So is the transformation of a caterpillar to a butterfly

How we become mature with every heartbreak

And more naïve & childish as we grow in age

Why all of a sudden someone unknown looks so familiar to the other

You hit off with someone instantaneously as if you’ve known well eachother

Why an Apple fell to the Ground has a reason..

But when we fall in love, there is no hindrance of a season

A strange pull attracts us to the one we love insanely,

Just To spend a minute with them after waiting for an hour lonlely

So Believe in Life & the fact it has more to it than just logic or reason

See & accept the winds of change season after season

In the end, all I’d say is..

An Explanation of a Cause,

Is not a justification of a reason

Always trust your instinct to the end,

Though you can render no reason!


9 responses to “Why do We Need a Reason?

  1. Its a beautiful expression of thoughts….very well written!!

  2. shail says:

    Loved it. Congrats on the Blogadda pick 🙂

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