Dreamer in me.. Seeking Answers!! Believer in me.. Finding them!! :)

What is Love & What is Life?

on December 14, 2011

What is Love & What is Life..?

It is like a Beautiful Dove & the tunes of a Fife!

One says I am your all,

Past, Present till you Fall.

Other Says Whether u like it or not,

My Hold on You is above all Knot.

What one does to the Other we all know,

Either it makes you leap or it makes you grow.

What is more important, finding it, is in itself a task,

The Answer deep down I know, but still want to Ask.

Sometimes when you love someone so dearly & so much,

You have to go through tears, heartache & Pain like a feather touch.

I want to be Lifted up & given wings to fly,

But my senses don’t allow me the leap & an occasional ply.

Life tells you to Move on & so Does Love..

I can’t do it myself thou without Protection from burning, as with a glove.

So I Check everyone & see how things fit in,

Things though aren’t that easy & simple to sink in.

I love Myself & other important People in my Life,

But I know things aren’t always that Rosy & Ripe.

In the end,

All I’d say is..

It’s me who will choose my Path in both Love & Life,

But not leave anyone important just because I have a knife.

Love is Life, If you miss Love.., You miss Life!

Love this Life as it comes & Life will Give You back all its Love..!


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