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A Dumb Open Letter to all on Lokpal Bill Proceedings..!

on December 22, 2011

A Dummy’s Guide to Lokpal & the Hoopla around it..

Hi all.. Am not an expert at Politics, but the inquisitiveness in me, regarding what’s happening around me intrigued me to write upon as the Devil’s advocate for the structure called Lokpal.

First of all, i’d like to add that i heard the shittiest debate that i have ever heard in Indian Parliament till date when a Mammoth Bill is Proposed.., The Congress yesterday announced it as a Landmark & the Greatest thing ever.. (sic) & The Team anna thinks that it is the biggest Lie & Farce that a Government can ever give to its Citizens..(sic)

Before i give my point of View, I’d like to make a note for the Pro Censorship Obnoxiously Bizarre Government bodies, it is a Democracy Mr. Sibal, I am entitiled to say what i have in mind..  (sic) 😉

Now, as for the day’s discussion, chronically speaking, Media houses gain tremendous TRP’s by airing the Live debate happening across the Parliament which, the congress had previously announced as Landmark.. All Eyes Glued, as to what is the Content & Provisions in it..

But, Bizarrely even before the Bill is rendered as introduced, Padmashree Lalu Prasad Yadav, Shrimaan Mulayam Singh yadav ji voice their opinion that there should be Quota in Lokpal.. (am still in avid shock) Lalu ji a Profound lawyer, with great Political knowledge & experience.., have immense respect for him, for it needs REAL Brains to do a scam worth Rs. 4000 Crores from Cow Fodder! (Respect!!).. aah, coming back to Laluji’s statement, he proposed SC, ST, OBC, Minority & Women reservation in the Lokpal. He objects this Lokpal bill, calling it full of defects and very Weak in all spheres, calling it Aanan Phanan Bill.

Shri Mulayam Singh ji then gets up in typical fashion, as was evident from his Brilliance that he had showed in the past during the path breaking “Mirage fighter plane scams” & “Cash for Votes scam” throws his light on the undecided bill called Lokpal or Watchdog as they call it in English, as non acceptable without a reservation for Muslims. (True, That’s what we need right now..)

My Dear sirs, May i ask, Do you really want a Lokpal or are these Stupid Delaying tactics??

A Lokpal has not even been discussed yet, What Powers he shall have & you are discussing Politics in it already?? i can hardly believe what i am hearing.. Where on Earth have there been Reservations or Quotas in Anti Corruption Investigative agencies? I originally thought, that any Person with good Investigative skills was required for the makings of an effective Lokpal to fight Corruption but Our Brilliant Politicians think that his Cast, Creed, diasphora are the original eligibilties. May i ask Why?

Hmm.. the Answer is Simple, You dont really want a Lokpal. Congress was forced to introduce this Lokpal bill under Pressure, though they didnt really want it, urged Brilliantly Funny Stand up Comedians to entertain all Citizens of India & make a mockery of this Bill & hence never really such a half baked bill be passed.

Coming to the Point that Padmashree Lalu ji said regarding Prime minister under Lokpal scanner, he said “What will other Country heads think of Indian Prime minister being under the Corruption scanner??” I counter ask you a question.. “What will other Country heads think that India has a Corrupt Primeminister but he is above the Law, because he has Power & hence even billions of Dollars under his illegal Bank accounts but will never be Punished??” which is a bigger Joke in international media tell me?

Might i Add.. that we as citizens of this Country have elected these Jokes in the name of Politicians!! so Next time we get an opportunity to cast our Vote, EXERCISE it with Caution & Vote for a Person who deserves it.


2 responses to “A Dumb Open Letter to all on Lokpal Bill Proceedings..!

  1. jojopant says:

    Before I move on…
    Trust me I share the shock with you. Reservations within the panel??? This is the lowest this could have fallen, and it has (though these politicians may find a way to make this fall ever lower – one never knows).
    Love your sarcasm…..
    And the main question here I think is not who they want included but that do they even want a lokpal?? 🙂

    Very well written.

  2. Vineet says:

    Thanks!! i wrote it with the exact same thought as u mentioned!!

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