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Movie Review: Don 2

on December 27, 2011

Slick, Stylish & Suave words best used to describe DON2. The Tease, The Chase & The Masterplan.. All Very Crisply done & Brilliantly executed! For me, Farhan gives Don an all new meaning, Don is Charming, Mad & All that jazz! The film’s soul is with SRK in mind & SRK ONLY! Boman & Priyanka are Good but dont have much of a Screen Space, Kunal Kapoor & Lara Dutta are Effective in the Small Role! Sahil Shroff is for namesake & Om Puri is offered a surprisingly Small Role which doesnt quite do Justice to the Veteran’s abilities. The Movie is Quick with Lots of Plots & Counter plots, Few Glitches not withstanding. The film continues to show SRK as Don who is flamboyant & Ruthless.. that’s the crux of it..!! All SRK fans, Go Watch it twice, You’d love it. Others like me.., it is still a Pretty Good Watch the Ticket is Full Paisa Wasool with Superb Action & Car Chase Sequence..

I’ll say its a Good Watch & Would rate it as a Good 3.5 stars on 5 & Think SRK & Farhan Akhtar have a Winner in Hand & will Rake the Moolah for a Slick Thrill ride 😉


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