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Sachin’s Elusive 100th hundred, India’s Elusive Victory down under & INDIAN GOVT’S ELUSIVITY EVERYWHERE!! :P

on January 6, 2012








Amidst being called Team India’s Biggest challenge & How this Australian Cricket Team was Weak & How this was the “Best chance of Team India to Beat the Dwarf’s called Australian Team on their Home Turf…”  The Media also intensified that how it was time for Sachin’s Maha-shatak. The Govt. meanwhile amidst all this is Muelling the Petrol Maha-shatak.., If Insider sources are to be believed, this is how its meant to be:-

  1. Sachin who got out again on 80 early in the day would be the talking point of the media & Govt. will increase the Petrol Prices by Rs. 1.25/- owing to the weakening Rupee against the Dollar, next Petrol hike to be on the 3rd Test when Sachin yet again misses his Hundred, this time reason is increasing Crude Barrel Prices in Singapore & next time because our Oil PSU’s are forced to have Losses & it keeps going on… 😉
  2. Manish Tiwari will address the Press & brief them about “How the BJP had increased the Petrol Prices thrice in its 5 Year stint at Power & the Policy to Decontrol Oil Prices was Originally Proposed by the NDA when it was in Power and Congress was only taking it forward..” later at Arnab Goswami’s Debate, he would fume & shout at the top of his Voice blaming Ravi Shanker Prasad, TEAM ANNA & the EX NDA govt. for playing spoil sport & aggravating Public Rage by giving unceremonious details& misguiding Public and doing dirty Politics. Arnab would keep gasping & pleading to Keep the Debate to Price rise on Petrol as the topic of Debate but in vein… 😉
  3. Abhishek Manu Singhvi will talk about the appointment of Oil PSU Chief’s by Reservation for Minorities, Woman & Religion BUT BY A ONE-ON-ONE BASIS, so that BSP & SP walk out while the Opposition confronts the Govt. regarding the Petrol Price hike, then Khabari Prasad, brother of Rajniti Prasad will get up Blabber his atrocities & take abhishek’s manuscript for the reply Tear it apart on throw it up the Parliament’s chairs… 😉
  4. Pawan Bansal, the Minister for Parliamentary affairs (Read Floor Management), will claim this to be one of the Dirtiest day’s of Parliamentry History (Offcourse it was.. Why did Khabari Prasad tear the Papers so many times?? Twice or thrice was enough.. Kitna Jhadoo Lagane mein Musibat hoti hai!! Kaamwali Bai association exclaims… (Kaamwali Bai Association Mission statement: Managing Floors succesfully since 1929)  😉
  5. Laloo Prasad Yadav will also support Khabari Prasad’s actions saying he did it accidently & didn’t intent  to. He will also inform the Media that Digvijay singh had an additional copy of Abhishek Singhvi’s reply script in his Pocket at that time… 😉
  6. Digvijay “Diggi Raja” singh, will inform the Press that He had received a Phone Call from the Paper Pulp day before yesterday that Khabari Prasad would tear the Paper, from which Abhishek singhvi was going to read his address in the Parliament & How the Paper Pulp been reduced to 50 gsm when the Govt. stationery procured was of 70+ gms because of the RSS hand in it, the Person who was typing the abhishek’s address was also related to an RSS wing commander. (For those who don’t know How RSS can do all that?? RSS is the Baap of RAW & ISI together & FBI agents take summer training courses from RSS camps to get a fraction of their super skills..) 😉
  7. Our Great Economist Prime Minister, amidst all this chaos of Petrol reaching Rs.100 before Tendulkar’s 100th Hundred, would still Believe in the concept of Silence is Golden after all.. “Keeping Quite is a Lovely trick designed by Madamji when Words become superfluous… ” 😉
  8. I had forgotten, the Sweet Kindergarten School Teacher.. err Speaker sahiba, Meira Kumar ji, i mean.. When Opposition will demand Voting on Petrol Price Rise bill, she would politely say.. “Aise Mat Kijiye.. Kya kar Rahe hai aap?? Please Please.. Dekhiye Baith Jaiye. Please Please..” & then during Voting.. “Those in favour say I & those against No… I think the Eyes have it the eyes have it!!”  (Chashme/ specs means 4 eyes instead of 2..) 😉

*Disclaimer: This is not a Work of Fiction but of Vivid imagination… but beware readers Censor Sibal is on the Prawl!! Meow & Bow Wow… !  😉

*Deliberated by me courtesy a tweet from @fakingnews


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