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Expressing Love (A Story of the Eyes)

on February 12, 2012








I often Wonder that What really are the marvels of Nature?

What Good is Beauty if my eyes cant really Picture?

The Visions sometimes the Eyes see..

The Mind cant assume but the Heart may feel

Picture this, Picture that & assume foolishly

What lies in front of you forget gleefully

When Cupid strikes & someone enters your life

Melodies play outloud & moments without them difficult to survive

What is the Most Beautiful Sight that your eyes can see?

Can there be any bliss in your life if you don’t see thee?

The Days even in winter appear long & pass slowly

The Nights without them go on abysmally..

The Serendipity of watching a Full Moon

& wondering if it’s the most Divine Light?

But in the Night sky, Don’t The stars appear as Beautiful

& Logic contradicts the Mind & begins a fight..

As for You, You are the Most divine in my eyes

When I look deep in your eyes, I cant fathom any better sights

If you don’t believe me, look carefully & try to spot a lie

Choose not to believe me, I may just wake up with Tears in my Eye

In the end, I’d like to quote Fefe Dobson

“I Tried to Believe you, but, something’s wrong..

You won’t look in my eyes & tell me what’s going on”


6 responses to “Expressing Love (A Story of the Eyes)

  1. Dee.. says:

    Awesome ! rocking one

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