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Kahaani Ghar Bhar ki.. (Not your Daily Soap)- Time to Change

on March 18, 2012











The title may be read in 2 ways.. Gad-Bad (Problem) or Ghar-Bhar (Filling One’s own house materially) so the two terms may be used & read interchangably as & when reqd. 😉

On the Fateful Night just before Pranab da’s General Budget’2012 & India playing Bangladesh to book a place in the Asia cup finals & Sachin’s ever elusive 100th Hundred.. My Mind was running heavy duty but with the following solace(s)..

  • Didi was the Common man’s Hope in the UPA Govt & I was hopeful hence, that the Congress would not be able to Press for a Budget that would kill us, thankfully because of the TMC chief’s sheer presence in the Govt.
  • Sachin’s 100th Hundred’s chance never looked brighter, Weak Bowling attack, Familiar Home like Pitches & Lightening fast outfield

 As the Clock struck 11:00 in the morning, the Great Indian Kabaddi of the 24*7 News Channels could be heard like just before a bee’s zap.. Not a Very Good omen I felt..! Pranab da began his speech which most would normally associate with our Beloved but Mute Prime Minister, Mutely.. 😉

“Jab aagaz hi aisa tha to anjaam kya hona tha??” When the start was such what could we expect from the final outcome?? The Congress Govt. or as we say the Govt. of India, which doesn’t really seem to work for the People of India, thus I chose the Word “The Congress Govt.” lemme deliberate why..

A Govt. of India or for that matter of any Democratic Country is supposed to be.. of the People, by the People & for the People of that Country, and, in our case for us Indians, but this present govt.  has made an altogether new meaning to the definition.. it is of the Congress, By the Congress & Works for the Congress & its allies ONLY!!

The citizens of India hold no Value to them & no set of Rules & Code of Conduct apply to this Ruling Party, for they think they rule us & are not here to Govern us! Read: Law Minister Salman Khurshid, Beni Prasad, Pawan Bansal, Digvijay Singh, Abhishek Manu Singhvi, Kapil sibal, Manish Tiwary & the list goes on….  & so does their autocratic ways in a supposed Democracy.

Politics as of now has been just Divisional & focus whilst at Polls is towards one section/ Religion of India wherein traditionally fatwa’s were given to elect the Congress, Congress would benefit hence from Landslide votes in their favour coz. They would vote for them without holding any virtues, The Hindu’s in Hindustan were never really cared for as they could never show the same magnanimity & one ended votes as a spectrum, hence The Hindu’s were never really treated as a sincere Vote bank as Our Votes would cancel each other in our own very house, where the karta of a Family votes to a 100 yr. old Party,  The Son votes for change & Growth & the Daughter votes for an Individual not a Party. So, Hindu’s haven’t really been a Force to reckon with…

 Anyways now that I have vented my anger by Words, lemme come back to the Kahani Ghar bhar ki..

Pranab da, by way of the Budget, wants to infuse Capital in to the system & reduce our fiscal defecit, so he decides to bring a forward looking Budget, in which he aims to reduce the Subsidy in Petro Products like Diesel, Kerosene, Petrol, LPG & CNG.. To hell with the Extremely high Cost of Living & Daily wrath faced by the Common man (Mango People) in this extremely difficult & High Inflationary Economy.. The common man it seems is like.. Green-Mango-toomuch for the Congress, Unwanted & Unseen.

 To Topple this effort, another Maverick Tax by way of Indirect Taxes to burn a deeper hole in the People’s Pocket but carefully selected so as to not to alarm Mamatadi, is introduced. 219 new services indicted to the Service Tax & Service Tax slab increased to 12%.. why? To give breath of fresh air to the reeling Govt.?  Why is the Govt. reeling is another question best left unanswered..

 My Question (if I am allowed to do so, Censor Sibal sir is..) Why make Political & unachievable claims & trap funds towards development when you are concerned only with your own Bank Balance development, The Best part of the Budget was the Trap laid out for Vodafone and overhauling the Supreme Court’s judgement which had come in the former’s favour be quietly overhauled. All takeovers since 1962 with retrospective effect come under the Provision of India’s tax laws.  So Vodafone & all other such takeovers would need to pay to the Govt. or otherwise face the Music.

In Hind sight, if the Govt could be so Proactive to up the ante on tax collection why didn’t they simply plan to Bring the Black money back in to the system & the country, when they know Billions of Dollars worth Indian Money is stacked elsewhere, which inturn if brought back is enough for the Govt. of India to give a Tax free Holiday to all its Citizens for 20 years?

If that is really such a Grand Ask.. Look closer Home & try to unearth the scam Money done by the likes of Shiela & Kalmadi during the CWG games & Sh. A. Raja during the 2G Allocation scam, The Coal-Gate scam & now the extremely disturbing Armed Forces Procurement scam? All the scams tune up to values in Rs. Lakhs of Crores, & am writing it in Lakh crores & not zeroes cause I’ll be honest, I donno how many zeroes would come after the 1st digit, to write the same in figures..

The Best Part was the Growth Projection @ 7.6 % for next year.., I think he has mistaken the Growth in GDP figures with the Growth in Inflation figures over this year, i.e. from 10.6& to 18.2% inflation for there is no statistical reference otherwise to prove this Projection.  Companies nation wide facing lull across all spheres, barring a select few exceptions, Farmer suicides rampant, Traders seeing falling turnovers & the common man unable to sustain himself & his family to the lifestyle he once called his own.

But amidst all this fiasco, a good news arrived of The Little Master scoring his Hundredth hundred, The Weight of expectations for the great man must be slightly off his shoulder for now.. but Pranabda, the Common man’s plight in the current stateof the economy is an even bigger Burden & the Govt in this case is not ready to shoulder it & infact is hell bent on increasing it!! So, I Hope the Ruling Party- the Congress is hearing this.. Otherwise the People of India will Change & VOTE.. becasue that is what will bring in the Change, unless you are not ready for it!


4 responses to “Kahaani Ghar Bhar ki.. (Not your Daily Soap)- Time to Change

  1. q-10 says:

    You can certainly see your enthusiasm within the paintings you write. The sector hopes for more passionate writers such as you who are not afraid to mention how they believe. Always go after your heart.

  2. Sammy says:

    Nicely written
    Well done yaar..all the best.
    Also Check out mine.Give your comment on it.
    Are Hijra’s(TransGender) not a Human being.?

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