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A Simple Test..!

on April 11, 2012

I recently recieved an email from a dear friend & i felt great after reading it.. So thought wud share it with u all!!

This is a Self Test:

1. Name the 5 Wealthiest People of the World?

2. Name the Last 5 Winners of Miss Universe?

3. Name the Last 5 People who have won the Nobel Prize?

How did you do in it?  The Point is that none of us remember the headlines of yesterday. Even though these People are the Best in their respective Field… Applause weathers down, Awards are Tarnished & Achievments are forgotten!

Here’s another quiz.. Let’s see how your answers go..!

1. Name 5 Teachers who aided your Journey through School & made it worthy?

2. Name 5 Friends who helped you through times of Distress & trouble?

3. Name 5 People who taught you something worthwhile?

4. Name 5 People who make you feel Special?

5. Name 5 People with whom you enjoy spending your time with?

Easier.. Right? 🙂

What do we conclude by this..? The People who make a difference in your life are not the ones with the Most Awards, Money or Fame!! Life is full of Ordinary People, whose presence in your life makes the World around you a much Better Place for you..! Cherish them, Take Care of them & hold on tight to these Special People coz. perhaps its Special to be Ordinary..! 🙂



7 responses to “A Simple Test..!

  1. What a noble way of teaching us the real meaning of life and relationships.

  2. Janhvi says:

    What a nice way of teaching us this lesson. And an important one at that! Thank you.
    It is these “ordinary” people, that are most special. 🙂

  3. Janhvi says:

    What a way to teach a lesson! And a good one at that! Thank you!
    It is these “ordinary” people, who are most special.

  4. elixired says:

    Yes! The People who make a difference in our life are not the ones with the Most Awards, Money or Fame!! They may be ordinary for rest of the world but they are the real award winners for us… your thought left me with a smile on my face- i believe in the same 🙂

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