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The Consultant’s Fees!

on May 22, 2012










This is a Story About, Karan, a Young Dynamic & Up-Coming Consultant, Living in New York.

One Day, Karan came Tired home for Dinner, after a busy round of Meetings & when he saw the Watch he saw it was 10:30 pm already. He Quickly sat on the Dinner Table, upon seeing him, his 5 Year Old son, Krish ran up to greet him & welcomed him home with the Warmest Smile..

Karan Low on Energy, quickly greeted him as he Washed his Hands & sat on the Dinner Table as the sound of the Microwave Popped.  Krish was eager to tell him about the new Words he recently learned at School. But, Karan quickly told him that he was so very Tired, so He’d hear him over the coming Sunday.

Krish, then quickly asked him how was work?, to which, Karan replied, “Its fine, my Son”. Krish quickly followed it with another question, “How much do you Earn on an Hourly Basis, Dad?”, Karan was stunned & replied, “Why do you ask that?” Krish again asked, “I want to know Daddy”, Karan quickly rebutted, “I get $50 an hour & would you now please let me Eat in Peace?”

Krish waited for him to finish the meal & asked for $20 for himself. The Father gave him the same along with a Good Night Kiss on the Cheek & went off to Sleep.

A few day Later, Krish asked his Mom, for some more money citing the reason of Buying some New Stationery. Later in the Night, he met his dad and handed him over a $50 Note! He in a self implied mood told him, “I need an hour of your time, tommorow, so Plz. come Home earlier by an Hour to have Dinner with me..”

This Simple But Loavble Story teaches us, the Value of Relations & Finding Time for Our Loved Ones in this Fast Paced Monetarily inclined World! So, PLEASE GIVE SOME OF YOUR TIME TO YOUR FRIENDS, FAMILY & LOVED ONES…. Always!!

“Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity.”~ Henry Van Dyke


2 responses to “The Consultant’s Fees!

  1. How kids come up with such wonderful ways to teach the value of life over money. Lovely story!

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