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Love & Desire

on August 19, 2012







“Desire is in Men a Hunger,  In Woman only an Appetite..!”~Mignon McLaughlin


I wanna Kiss you

And not abyss you

There aint a moment I don’t miss you

Making Love to you  isn’t just another virtue


What is Happiness?

What is Pleasure?

Seeing u smile is Happiness

Touching you is a Treasure


A Moment with you

Sexually or A Romantic Passion

The Idea is devoid & nothing new

Holding you tight is a need & Not Fashion


My Love isn’t Blind

The Physicality might appear though

Emotionally I am yours like a Wind

Like Without Air the Sea becomes A Dead Blue


In The End,

I’d like to say

“My Love is Emotional, My Love is True

Let’s Kiss and Make up for I Love You”


“The Natural Man has only two Primal Passions, To Get and Beget..!”~ William Osler



I Normally dont Write such Poetry.. but felt like writing one!

So Thought wud share it.. Your Feedback solicited 🙂


2 responses to “Love & Desire

  1. leamuse says:

    My issues is with the quote. A number of my poems would disagree! 🙂

  2. Vineet says:

    haha.. just my perspective! i liked them both.. which one do u disagree with?? 😉

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