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Censorship on Social Media.. Why?

on August 23, 2012

This is an Open Letter to the Congress Govt. who’s trying to control & curb the Social Media in India..?











We Indians, Call ourselves the World’s Largest Democracy and Our Consitiution Guarantees us all with Fundamental Rights, Right to Freedom of Speech one of them.. isnt Blocking Social Media conspiring of a Blatant suppression of Our fundamental rights? What’s Seriously Wrong with this Congress Govt. is Instead of Decreasing Communalism, Regional and Religional Hatred on the Ground Level, it is on a difft. Agenda of CENSORSHIP!! NOT DONE..

What has This Congress Govt done to Curb Communalism, instead in the Wake of Vote Bank Politics it has encouraged Regionalism/ Casteism and Communalism.. so who are they to talk about Censorship and Speech Restriction? Next is What.. India is the Next North Korea??

If Indian Govt, continues this way.. We Shall soon become a much feared, showing lots of Promise but Delivering None..  kinda BANANA REPUBLIC!

i know i am probably inviting censorship & Censor-sibal to Block my Blog.. But I’d still risk it! What’s the use of having fundamental rights when a Govt. doesnt want to give it to its Citizens?


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