Dreamer in me.. Seeking Answers!! Believer in me.. Finding them!! :)

About Me..

Delhi-ite by Birth.. Global Citizen by Choice!!

Born in a Shvetamber- Jain Business Family,

I Pretend to be a Saree Retailer by the Day & Customers Pretend to Pay me.. 😉 (Read: Vineet’s Sarees)

I love to Write, Philosophy & Rationality interest me..

Whereever i go.. My Questions follow & My Heart and Brain to give their answers (sometimes similar sometimes very different)

Outside the pretext of Blogging, am a Fun Loving guy, always have been.. always will..! 😉

Hope you like what you Read.. for its your valuable feedback, that’ll constantly help me improve!!

Thanks again..

A Guy High on Life!!- in short.. ME 😉


3 responses to “About Me..

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