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Movie Review: Brothers


Went to watch ‪#‎Brothers‬ (the Indian Adaptation of ‪#‎Warriors‬) yesterday. Karan Malhotra’s blessed with a good casting as Akshay Kumar & Sidharth Malhotra are perfect for their roles. What the Director has conveniently forgotten inspite of increasing the screen time is the detailing of the Sub Plots and has left most of it to be in auto understand mode by the viewer. Shefali shah plays a pivotal small role and enacts the varying emotions well.. Jacqueline fernandez has a small role too and she has improved in her acting skills evidentally.

All in All Jackie shroff, Akshay kumar & Sidharth malhotra carry it well. The Actions sequences are Nice and their Contrasting Styles of MMA have been shown well too. The Kareena Kapoor Khan Song is a Total Waste of Time and is disgustingly choreographed and its almost right before the interval.. so queue up for refreshments a little early to avoid the queue tongue emoticon. The Music is plain ordinary, and Sapna jahan and the brother’s anthem are the only ones which are listenable. The Screenplay & visualization of Sapna Jahan song has been done wonderfully though, all credit to the director.

All in all.. a Decent One Time watch and is definitely not as bad as the critics have made it to be.. but nowhere close to the original in terms of gripping screenplay.

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Movie Review: Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai Dobaara

I Watched Once Upon a Time In Mumbai Dobaara, and the Expectations were built up with the Title “Once Upon a time in Mumbaai” its Prequel, as the title suggests.

Akshay Kumar carried forward the Menacing Emraan Hashmi’s name from the Previous movie. The Latter was Lethal and His eyes and Arrogance spoke far more, while Akshay retorts to Cheesy but Well Written Lines and Keeps uttering himself as “The Raavan” or “The Villain”

The Shoaib in this Franchise is a Big Powerful Man, and a lot of his sequences have been Beautifully shot in Oman but what kinda doesn’t add up is why he doesn’t behave like the Biggest Don and Most Wanted of India, He goes on to jump Slums and kill a Possible informer on his own, Which Big don would do that? I wonder..

Coming to the Performances:

Akshay Kumar is Excellent in his Avatar, but i feel the Writing is More at Fault and while trying to make the Villain, a Demi God like for all his Entourage, the Character kind of Nose Dips. On One hand everyone is shown as Darn Scared of him and on the Other he Thrashes Film sets on his own, Hand fights when he can kill with a Gun. Weird…

Imran Khan is average, He kinda looks in his shell or all at sea at some scenes, but Whilst Romancing he seems more at Ease. His Fans though shouldnt feel disappointed

Sonakshi sinha plays an actress and Both Imran and Akshay’s Love Interest, Dont know how they arrived to her Casting coz. Imran-sonakshi Pairing looked mighty Odd to my Eyes! She plays her role well though, but the Writing doesn’t make it Clear how she Opts for the One.. and more importantly Why?

The Film’s writing was Flawed for me, and the Saving Grace of the film are the Cheesy Dialogues and One-liners that are an Integral Part of the Film through out.

The Biggest Minus is the Expectations the Title Brings in with itself, if the Film was made under another title and the theme was clearly depicted it would have been better, Here Ajay Devgn’s Eyes dont talk, there is no thehraav as they say, in Akshay’s Performance. Even Emraan and Imran are no match for each other, Emraan excelled playing the Dawood like Baddie, Imran just doesnt have the Menace in his Face or Acting of being an Aspiring Don or his Right hand.

All in All the Film is Enjoyable if you have Nothing Better to do, as a Light Hearted Action-Comedy-Gangster flick, but Dont go in with Expectations of the Brilliant Last film with the Similar title from the same Production house.

Music could have been Better, Only two songs are hummable: Ye Tune Kya kiya and Modern Version of Tayyab Ali, Infact the Last 2-3 songs of the Film could easily be done away with, as they are neither a Part of the Story nor Good, so unnecessarily drag the Movie.

Watch it For Akshay’s Flamboyant Don Act and Cheesy One Liners, If these don’t interest you, Better Give this one a Miss.


Rating: 2.5 Stars on 5



Hindi Film Industry’s 1st Sci-Fi Comedy- “Joker”

I saw the Promo of Joker.. and to be honest inspite of the Director’s Previous Track Record found it amusing as well as something new!!

What do u guys think??

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