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Wonderful Ad Advocating the Need for Change in Societal Outlook towards Re-Marriage Feat. Minissha for Femina!


Brilliant Concept showing the Love, Emotional attachment and the Need to Move-On Post Death as Life doesn’t Stop there.  Wonderful Ad showing the Understanding Grown Up Daughter.. who is Happy to see Her Mother Re-Marry!

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Movie Review: Heer and Hero !!






This is a Honest Confession, This is My 1st Experience of Watching a Punjabi Film.. till date in a Theatre! And I Have No Qualms in admitting it was because of Minissha Lamba in its Starcast that i decided to watch it in the 1st Place.

All Right Now Let’s come to the Performances.. Gurpreet Ghugghi and Aaryan Babbar were in Their Elements, Each Packing a Punch both in terms of Dialogue Delivery as well as Essaying Comic Lines. Aaryan Babbar Runs albeit funnily too.. whcih was kinda strange in a Good Action scene but i guess it goes with the Movie at Large. it was a Romantic Comedy..

Preet Bhullar is unknown Commodity to me, but he looked alright and did his bit as one of the Heroes well too. Manoj Pahwa had a Small Role too but was Good fun watching him etch it on-screen.

Mukul Dev was a Wonderful Half Inspector Uniform Half Jeans wearing Cop dishing out Salman Khan’s Dialogues in Punjabi, but was Fun. Yograj Singh ji, Father of Yuvraj Singh who recently played Farhan Akhtar’s Coach in Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, here Essayed Minissha’s Father’s Role.. as a Tough Rich and Influential Punjabi Villager well, albeit in a Short role again.

The Whole Show was about Geet aka Heer in the Film essayed Brilliantly by Minissha Lamba, She Plays the Sometimes Naive, Sometimes Naughty and Sometimes Intelligent but Always Very Beautiful Girl Perfectly…

The Music was Surprisingly Good too.. “Dil Naal Dil” sung By Sonu Niigam is the pick of the Lot and Beautifully Pictured too and “Ullu Da Patha” is a Catchy Danceable track as well.

Surprisingly the Regional Film has an Item song too performed by Hazel Keech of Bodyguard fame who was recently evicted from Bigg Boss house too.

Expect Witty One-Liners like “Gareebon Da Ashutosh Rana”, “Gareebon Da Vijay Mallaya” dished out at Critical points in the Movie which sure will make you Laugh.

Its a Nice Feel Good Romantic Comedy for the Entire Family and definitely Worth a Watch atleast once.

For Minissha Fans, You wouldnt mind watching it Twice too.. 😉

Have Fun..








A Link of One of My Fav Songs from the Film.. Dil Naal Dil


Love Between Friends..










I think about your Grace, Your Beauty every single day,

Deep down In my Head, I Rewind, Stop & Replay..


You Caught my Attention, Love & took me by Surprise

You Simply Captivated me when I looked into your eyes


It is said that Every Perfect Gift arrives in Style from Above

You were a Present for me filled with Humilty, Beauty & Love


They say “Nobody’s Perfect” but I Beg to Differ Personally..!

When I See you through my Eyes, Perfection is all that I See!!


You Probably don’t have a Clue, Just How much I Care for you..

I remember Your Smiling Face, I Have No Idea what I was gonna say to you!


They say True Friendship is Rare & I Believe this to be True

Your Friendship I Love to Cherish & feel Blessed to have met you


Our Bond is Special, Its Very Unique in its own way

We have something irreplaceable & I Love you more Each Day!


True Friends are Forever, I Love the untold Bond You & I Possess

I adore your Beauty & Ur Sweetness is something that never fails to Impress!


You are So Dear to me, You know I’ll Love u till this World ends

I’ll always be there for u & U’ll always be one of my Best Friends.


Our Friendship will continue to grow, with each passing day

Coz. I feel With u by my side, everything will always be okay..!


This Poem is Dedicated to My Dear Friend Minissha, who celebrates her Birthday Today.. Happy Birthday Sweets..!



Mini and Me.. :)

I had the opportunity to catch up with Minissha at the Park Hotel, Delhi.. where i was fortunate to be invited by her.

She was here for Fujifilm Camera’s new Product Launch, She happens to be the Brand Ambassador of the same too..

here are some of the clicks from the event and of her with me too..

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Hindi Film Industry’s 1st Sci-Fi Comedy- “Joker”

I saw the Promo of Joker.. and to be honest inspite of the Director’s Previous Track Record found it amusing as well as something new!!

What do u guys think??

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I Miss My Blackberry!! :(

I have been using the Blackberry Phone with Vodafone’s services for some time now & Words cant tell u how imp. a part of me, using the internet on it is.. I am a bit of an addict with the BB Messenger, also use Word Press App to connect with you guys!

Amongst others i use Facebook for Blackberry, UberSocial for Blackberry (For Twitter), Whatsapp & a host of all other such applications!

When i bought the BB Torch & activated the Vodafone BB Plan, it was mainly started for the Emails & BBM.. but the quick ease of Living a Parallel Social Life with the Super Smart Phone took me in fully! My Phone is more like a Family Member to me.. The Poems i write & share with you, are drafted through my Phone as it gives me convinience to write my head quick & easy before i publish the final draft.. Same is the case for increasing my vocabulary as well.

Internet today & more so the Mobile Internet has given us busybee’s an opportunity to crack a joke, be naughty, flirt around & Prank with Close Friends & Family who may not be necessarily near you physically but are close to you. Facebook pioneered in it, as after Graduation & because of Reasons like Distance & a Busy Work Life.. it enabled us to cherish their special moments, Think using the internet with the tap of your thumb & being in touch, interacting with loved ones is at an all new level of Ease.

Using Twitter via the Uber Social app of Vodafone driven Internet also allowed me to interact with My Dear acquaintance turned Friend in the very Beautiful & Charming Minissha Lamba! Now the fact that she’s just a touch away, albeit sitting in her Workplace Mumbai or Shooting Elsewhere in the World, i know am just a click away.. & so does she!

A Lot of My Friends who are now living abroad & from the Bottom of my Heart am really sorry to, for not being in touch but always wished to.. The Connection is back up because of the Mobile Internet! Can there be a Better Feeling Ever?? Answer is a resounding Yes, When it enables the human within us to flirt around with the opposite sex gently or pushing it depending upon the medium! Confronting People who dislike your friends & call them names on a medium like Twitter & engage in trolling.. even though you may never ever meet them in reality! That’s the Power of Mobile Internet for me.. 😉 ;P

Yes! Here comes a Bummer.. My Blackberry Torch Crashed, Display not working, Phone was hung.. :(( Its been 3 days already without it, as it is under warranty & gone to its makers for Repair/Replacement, and, can you believe it Am already Missing it big time!!

Blackberry fellas.. Plz give me my big part of SocialLife (Fast Mobile Internet) back quickly!! Please..

Written as a part of my Appreciation as a user & a part of the Drive on indiblogger by:


My Destiny…!!

“There is Nothing in a Caterpillar that tells you its going to be a Butterfly”~Richard Buckminster Fuller








Yesterday has Passed

Today will be Tommorow’s History

But if we are really asked

What thou shall be will always be a mystery


What lies in front of us, is a moment

Which comes about without an advisory

What we do with it, is prudent

And paves the path of our future visually


The Mistakes of Yesterday are bygones

If What we do ahead is benevolent truly..

What I have been & what I am today is

Inconsequential to what I can really be..


When People become Promiscuously sublime

Being Epitome of Growth is like the Need for Affinity

Just like Rising from the Ashes everytime

Is the Phoenix’s Ultimate Destiny..


So Everytime You Fail in Life & its Lessons Mar

Vouch for trying harder and look for inspiration in the sky

What is essentially the End of the World for the Caterpillar

The One above has other Plans & Calls it a Butterfly…








“How does one become a butterfly?” she asked. “You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar.”~ Trina Paulus

*Inspired by a Tweet from Minissha Lamba & A Quote by Richard Bach


True Beauty is a State of Mind…










“Flowers… are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty outvalues all the utilities of the world.”~ Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Can we Define Beauty?

The difference between Pretty and Beautiful is- Pretty is temporal-whereas Beautiful is Eternal.. Hence, Whomsoever who tries to define the term.. must first be reminded of the uber famous quote by Margaret Wolfe Hungerford.. “Beauty Lies in the Eyes of the Beholder”, I totally understand that all my readers must be thinking, we all know it.. So stop Blabbering Generalizations & tell us something new.. But My Idea while writing is exactly to focus on the generalized state, because we’ve all made the cardinal mistake of Self Doubt by asking ourselves or others.. “How am I looking today?” “OMG! Why did this Pimple have to crop up on my Face today?” “Why do I always have a Bad Hair day on my most imp. Romantic Date?”

 Am not saying all these questions are unreal & going overtly philanthropic by saying that these questions have no Meaning! Offcourse they do..! Looking & Feeling good is Very very important, but how can you look good when you don’t feel Good? While We can Feel Good when we don’t necessarily look good.. To Prove this, I’d like to iterate a simple situation which I think has occurred to us all, When we get caught in a heavy downpour, Our Hair is a Mess, Clothes wet & suddenly Our significant other shows up & says whilst playing with your Hair “Hey! You are Looking so Handsome/ Wow! You Look absolutely Beautiful” Doesn’t this compliment mean more to us, than the envious stare of acknowledgment from the one we dislike, or a wink from the corner of the eye resounding to a Wow from a Flirt..

If all of you agree, then why does this Perennially Voyeuristic streak amongst us exists which vows to try to impress insignificant people..? Good Looks or Beauty are part genetically transferred & more importantly God Gifted. We can always enhance it visually by Looking Chic, Afresh & Self Confident. ..  the Key Word is Enhance.

 We are all Born Beautiful, always remember that, and I Quote “Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical.”~ Sophia Loren, Also Perceptual Beauty is different for one & all, For Some Beauty is the Face, Others – the Personality, For some the Attitude, Others- A Generous Heart, For some the Care, Others- A Pleasing Smile.

 One thing is Common that there is nothing Common in any Person’s outlook & approach towards Beauty. If we further deliberate, What makes a Picture truly Beautiful? Or in these Modern Day Social Networking based Profile shots? What truly makes it Beautiful.. I am no Saint so shall exemplify with my own Profile picture, it isn’t the Diesel Jeans, nor the Ferrari T Shirt, nor my Louis Vuitton belt nor does the Blackberry in my Hand. They are merely objects that Project of my Social status, but if my Profile shot looks Good to some of you its because of the Real Smile, A Candid moment captured on Camera, a sumtotal of the merry state of mind. Shopping for your favourite Brands, looking Metrosexual & to be given a Wonderful compliment can often be the Driving force but it is just that & no more.

We Men Dress in an Armani suit with a Slick Rohit Bal Shirt, Ferragmo Belt, Rolex watch & Bally shoes to look good, but does that really reflect our true Beauty? You, Gorgeous Women, wear YSL dress, Mac based Makeup, Jimmy Choo Shoes, LV Handbag, Dior Watch, Gucci Perfume & Prada waistbelt make you truly Beautiful? The High end brands are by no means my way to bask & showoff knowledge but merely iterate that these aspirational brands don’t guarantee you, a Beautiful you.

The Real Beauty in you can only be seen when you have a Sound Frame of Mind, Positive Outlook & A smile on your face that can brighten up the most Gloomy of Days! Pretty is something you’re born with. But beautiful, that’s an equal opportunity adjective. The Radiance, Aura & Real Beauty of any Living Person are always measured by  the above.. SO TRUE BEAUTY IS INDEED A STATE OF MIND.

 “People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.”~ Elisabeth Kubler-Ross








“Some people, no matter how old they get, never lose their beauty – they merely move it from their faces into their hearts.”~ Martin Buxbaum

Inspirationally Deliberated using the Concept of Minissha’s  Blog Post “Sexy is a state of mind”->

Images Courtesy: Google

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Happy Birthday Minissha!!

As we observe your birthday now,
Your cake and gifts don’t matter much.
These common things aren’t really you,
Ribbons, paper hats and such.

We celebrate a person who
Brings happiness to everyone,
Someone who gives more than she gets,
And fills our lives with joy and fun.

So Happy Birthday, and many more!
We hope you make it to a hundred and two,
Because we cannot even dream
What life would be like without you!!

Let the God decorate each
golden ray of the sun reaching u
with wishes of success,
happiness and prosperity 4 u,
wish you a Super Duper Happy Birthday Minissha!!

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Top Hindi Movie Picks & Misses of 2011 according to me

Following are my favourite Hindi films that released in 2011

1. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara:









Zoya Akhtar sure is a maverick, to come up with this highly unusual story. The Film for me, is a Modern Day Classic & will always remember this movie fondly & as a movie that I can Watch anyday anytime of the week. Brilliant Locales in Scenic Spain, Superb Comic timing, Farhan, Abhay, Hrithik, Katrina, Kalki & Naseeruddin simply create Magic & put life in their characters. Not only does the film entertain but it also makes you learn a very important lesson of life add to it, Superb yet Different Music, The Superb shayari’s essayed by Farhan akhtar are tastefully gracious & noteworthy. I esp. loved “Suraj ki Baahon mein” & “Der Lagi Lekin”. The sumtotal of it all with Visually brilliant thrills undertaken by the Central character makes this the Best Film of the year for me.

2. Rockstar:









Imtiaz Ali, time & again has shown that he is an unconventional yet brilliant story teller, we have witnessed it right from Socha Na tha to Jab we Met to Love aaj kal & now Rockstar.  AR Rahman’s music & Mohit Chauhan’s music is top notch. The Movie also well & truly establishes the metal of Ranbir Kapoor’s acting ability, am Pretty sure RK will walk away with top Honours in all Award functions this year thanks to Rockstar. The film showcases the delusional youth, the Price of Fame & more importantly finding & losing True Love with effervescent ease brilliantly portrayed by its central characters. “Tum Ho” is the Best track of the year & “Katiya Karun” is very croonable.

3. The Dirty Picture:









Milan Luthria, has traditionally done different cinema & genre’s quite effectively but with The Dirty Picture, he shows a side of a storyteller that’s sensitive & sensible, a unique combination. Vidya Balan is the Life & Soul of the Film, she essays the role of a Sex Symbol Dancer of South Indian Cinema as though Silk is her, not only does she dare to bare but she also proves the Point, that Brilliant actors can Portray anything, if they want to albeit their traditional image & comfort zone may be someplace else. Vidya is the Hero as we call it & overshadows all the other Male actors not just by Screen space but by Bold Brilliant acting abilities, Emraan Hashmi downplays his character wonderfully too. Amongst the Music “Ishq Sufiyana” is superb & “Ooh La la” titillates well.

Other Films worthy of Mention in my picks of the year are (in no particular order): Pyar ka Punchnama, Dum Maaro Dum, Force, Tanu Weds Manu, Don 2, Mere Brother ki Dulhan, Delhi Belly, Ladies V/s Ricky Behl, No One Killed Jessica, Yamla Pagla Deewana, Singham…. (am sure i havent picked all), so etc. will be handy 😉

The Films I resent Watching this year are: Rascals, Chatur Singh 2 star, Double dhamaal, Ra.One, Bodyguard, Patiala House… (am sure I haven’t mentioned all here either) so etc. again 😉

One Film that was Slammed by Critics & didnt do too well even in terms of numbers, is Hum Tum Shabana, but i wouldnt keep it in either of the categories because of my Personal Bias & Love for the Leading Lady~ Minissha Lamba, who was adorable & gorgeous as Shabana in an otherwise Poor Directorial attempt by Sagar Bellary. Here’s a star who deserves her place at the top for good & am sure she’ll get there really soon. 🙂

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