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Movie Review: Brothers


Went to watch ‪#‎Brothers‬ (the Indian Adaptation of ‪#‎Warriors‬) yesterday. Karan Malhotra’s blessed with a good casting as Akshay Kumar & Sidharth Malhotra are perfect for their roles. What the Director has conveniently forgotten inspite of increasing the screen time is the detailing of the Sub Plots and has left most of it to be in auto understand mode by the viewer. Shefali shah plays a pivotal small role and enacts the varying emotions well.. Jacqueline fernandez has a small role too and she has improved in her acting skills evidentally.

All in All Jackie shroff, Akshay kumar & Sidharth malhotra carry it well. The Actions sequences are Nice and their Contrasting Styles of MMA have been shown well too. The Kareena Kapoor Khan Song is a Total Waste of Time and is disgustingly choreographed and its almost right before the interval.. so queue up for refreshments a little early to avoid the queue tongue emoticon. The Music is plain ordinary, and Sapna jahan and the brother’s anthem are the only ones which are listenable. The Screenplay & visualization of Sapna Jahan song has been done wonderfully though, all credit to the director.

All in all.. a Decent One Time watch and is definitely not as bad as the critics have made it to be.. but nowhere close to the original in terms of gripping screenplay.

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Movie Review: Jism 2








Jism, as a Film Franchise is one of the Better Part Seductive Part Erotic Thrillers for a Mainstream Adult Audience. Jism 2 from its Promos gave the impression that it will take the seduction to another level.. with the incredibly Curvy & Beautiful Indian Origin Adult Actress- SUNNY LEONE!

Jism 2’s Plot isnt too bad, Sunny Leone has minimal inhibitions in showing her well endowed curves & moves, The Music is Pretty Good too..

What the Movie lacks is the Execution.  Pooja Bhatt yet again disappoints as a Director, she Doesnt do Justice with any of the Actor’s Abilities although is able to catch some Good Moments on Camera- Probably the only Saving Grace of the Film.

I dont give Away the Plot while Reviewing a Film as a Principle, but here are some Pro’s & Con’s of the Film for me!

Pro’s Biggest USP is Sunny Leone, enought to drive in Male Audiences across India to see the Siren in a Theater instead of Downloading her Previous Works of Art. The Music is a Respite with “Abhi-abhi” and “Maula” the Pick of the Lot! Randeep Huda delivers good screen presence as a cynical but crazy lover. Sunny Leone shows bits of Ability to act & is Prob. one of the Prettier Actresses capable of strutting Bikinis, Backless or just wearing sheets and oozing Oomph with Ease.  (Most Bollywood Actresses with the Exception of Mallika or to an extent Bipasha.. try doing it but dont look too comfortable) That’s where i think Sunny has created a niche for herself in the Hindi Film Industry.

Con’s Arunoday Singh and Arif Zakaria look incompetent in most of their screen space, showing very Bad Casting. Arunoday singh is Well built Man but strongly needs improvement in Dialogue delivery & showing Emotional Outbursts, infact in one scene when he was crying, i almost burst out laughing, that’s how unreal it was! Arif Zakaria is just Plain Bad. The Dialogues arent great either, normally a Bhatt stronghold. Only a Few by Randeep Huda worthwhile. The Dubbing Artist for Sunny, whoever she was, looked like an amatuer and mostly made a fool of Sunny, Plus the Heavy Breathing in almost all Scenes, Obviously a Pooja Bhatt’s maverick idea to titilate the audience with her leading lady’s well endowed Actress caught me by the Nerves. Weird as it may appear, Sunny’s shown pukin and both before and after that scene she’s shaking it as though she can hardly Breathe. It almost made me say.. WTF? the Build up to the Thriller wasnt Bad but the end Execution was not Good at all. Perhaps something to Learn from Sujoy Ghosh’s “Kahaani” another Woman Oriented Thriller but with a Good End execution.

All in All, I’d say “Jism2” is a letdown, if u compare it to the Original Film of the Franchise, which had a Fine Mix of Seduction, Story and Acting. But, The Presence of Sunny, its Music and Randeep’s Occasional Outburst of Good Acting, along with Brilliant Locales in Sri Lanka make it a One time watch esp. for Men.

On a Scale out of 5.. I’d give it 2 Stars, sheerly for the above mentioned reasons.

Had the Same Film been Edited Better with an Out of the Box Ending: i wud have surely given it a 3, but Ms. Bhatt clearly has no intentions of doing that. she wanted to titilate the audience with a 5 Character film (Yes, The Film only has 5 characters in the Film), Also the Film would have been made on a Paper Thin Budget, So am sure it’ll be a Big Hit in terms of Gross Revenues, but wudnt do anything great in the film careers of Randeep, Arunoday or Pooja Bhatt as a film Maker either, it  May Put sunny amongst the Top Seductresses of Bollywood with Competition from the Likes of Mallika sherawat though..

So, A Note to Men, if you have nothing better to do this weekend, u may chose to watch it : but be reminded watch it with ur Good Guy Buddies so that u can have fun, chat up or laugh about when the story gets boring and doesnt have any action, if u know what i mean! 😉

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Agneepath (2012)- Movie Review

“Agneepath” in one word is Disturbingly Good! The Classical Cult Remake impresses.. Hrithik delivers a Stellar Performance, Packs a Punch with Just his Facial Expressions & intensity, & doesnt need Dialogues to Deliver it.. Speaks Volumes of his Acting Abilities & Provess. Priyanka is Good in her Small but Bubbly Role, but Sanjay Dutt is OMG’ly Scary & its been over 2 decades that i’ve seen a film with such a Strong Negative role by anyone, he looks deviantly menacing from Scene 1 right till the End in his 60 odd minute Screen space out of the 180 odd minutes.  Best Performance for a Negative Role in a Decade or more. Biblical Goliath reminded (sic). Take a Bow. Period. Rishi’s 1st attempt at Negative side that i’ve seen is Brilliant too!! Rauf Lala is not your Routine Bad Guy & Rishi dawns the skin of the Bad Guy absolutely fantastically!!
Those who would still compare it to the yesteryear Big B starrer “Agneepath”.. I’d say the Poetic Verse is the same, the Lead Character’s name is same, so is his father’s & family & Main Villain’s but everyone else is different. No Mithun wala Character here, New Characters of Kaali (Priyanka) & Rauf Lala (Rishi).. The Underlying Plot of Revenge & Avenging the Father’s Brutally Coldblooded Murder is same.. BUT, the way the story unfolds & script all together different, The Emotional Screenplay & Various sides of the Lead Charcters is Excellent! So Stop Comparing & Watch the Modern Day David v/s Goliath like story in an Indianized Revenge angle & Enjoy.. but be foretold A Lot of Bloodshed & Brutality in it. Would Rate it 3.5 stars on 5! My Prediction: this shall be Hrithik’s Debut in the 100 crore+ segment… 😉 Sureshot Winner!!
Only Downside is Music but hey with Chikni Katrina around & Power Packed performance by everyone, one can easily discount that!

Movie Review: Don 2

Slick, Stylish & Suave words best used to describe DON2. The Tease, The Chase & The Masterplan.. All Very Crisply done & Brilliantly executed! For me, Farhan gives Don an all new meaning, Don is Charming, Mad & All that jazz! The film’s soul is with SRK in mind & SRK ONLY! Boman & Priyanka are Good but dont have much of a Screen Space, Kunal Kapoor & Lara Dutta are Effective in the Small Role! Sahil Shroff is for namesake & Om Puri is offered a surprisingly Small Role which doesnt quite do Justice to the Veteran’s abilities. The Movie is Quick with Lots of Plots & Counter plots, Few Glitches not withstanding. The film continues to show SRK as Don who is flamboyant & Ruthless.. that’s the crux of it..!! All SRK fans, Go Watch it twice, You’d love it. Others like me.., it is still a Pretty Good Watch the Ticket is Full Paisa Wasool with Superb Action & Car Chase Sequence..

I’ll say its a Good Watch & Would rate it as a Good 3.5 stars on 5 & Think SRK & Farhan Akhtar have a Winner in Hand & will Rake the Moolah for a Slick Thrill ride 😉

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